Benny Updates

COVID 19 - New Music 

It is wild times indeed in Spring 2020!
I was just revving up to get touring after a trip to Montana in February, and I was coming off a great weekend at Spring Training and Disneyland with some friends, when the COVID shutdown happened. I drove from California days after a "shelter in place" order from the California government, and worried about getting stopped or questioned on my trip home to New Mexico. The drive was uneventful, but long, and I have been adjusting, like everyone, to the new normal.

Days are spent here in Albuquerque, gardening, fixing up the house, chatting with friends, and supporting small businesses with food and coffee orders. I have been doing some online shows here and there, and trying to figure out when and if the government will allow gig workers and the self-employed to apply for benefits.

One of the great things about this time at home, is that I have spent time learning some new skills, and upgrade some gear. This past week, I uploaded my first photography gallery! Pretty cool, and one of my long time goals was to learn to take professional photographs, and start my own studio/gallery. This was step one, and I put 20 of my favorite images up on a site called PicFair. You can check them out here:

The other focus of my time at home, has been recording. I got a bass and a much better mic for recording, and have already put out one new song, and anticipate many many more to come!  You can check out the new single "Tired of The Dark" on this site, and download it to help support me during this time out of work.

I'll try to keep in better touch here, as well!


The Year That Was - 2019 

2019 Benny Year In Review 

What a year! 

I am so incredibly stoked about the year that was 2019. I accomplished a ton of not only my musical goals, but also a bunch of life goals, and that is pretty cool. Among a list of other things, I travelled outside of North America for the first time in my life, released a bunch of new music, and officially retired “Sally the Saturn”. I am so stoked for what 2020 has in store, and I once again wanted to take this opportunity to recap my year, and to thank you all for making all of this possible! 



This year I drove a little less than in the past, building in time to enjoy my home in New Mexico, and to travel in Europe, as well as holding still long enough to write and record an official album, and acoustic EP. But that didn’t mean I slowed down too much. I drove over 50,000 miles, and travelled another 15,000 in the air. 



Amanda and I went to Europe to play my music for friends and new fans in England, Germany, France, and Ireland. I played concerts in 33 U.S. States, and I played my very first shows in Nevada and Utah. (If you are keeping track, I still have not played a concert in Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Hawaii, or Alaska … 2020 goals).  I was honored to once again join my friends in Team Tampa Bay Missions, Inc. for my third mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where I jammed with Dominicans in the bateys, and entertained our group during some late night sorting and repacking sessions. 



I released my second EP, “Words For Yesterday” on April 21st. The release included press from around the world, and even found the EP and a couple of the songs from it, on several “Best Of” lists for 2019!  The album featured one official music video for “Live Where You Love The Sky” and several behind the scenes videos with stories about the songs and creation of the record.  I also self-engineered and produced an acoustic album, called the “Rosemont Sessions”.  You can find both on my website! :) 




In 2019 I made music videos a platform of focus for me. I made an official music/lyric video for "Live Where You Love The Sky", and videos for my acoustic releases of "Window To Forever" and "Building a Future". I launched my 50 Songs in 50 States cover song idea this year, and posted THIRTY FIVE new videos to my video channel! In 2019 alone, I gained over 300 new viewers, and you all watched over 400 hours of my content. I will continue to keep videos coming, so please please help me out and follow along! 



I can definitively say that 2019 was the longest, most challenging and rewarding year of my life. I reached some personal accomplishments of going to Europe, buying a new car, and releasing a new album that I believe is the best work I have done. I also experienced one of the most significant losses of my life when I lost my Grandmother this past September. I still struggle with it daily, and have felt like I am watching my life more than being a participant, which is hard to explain. I am doing my best to learn from it, and use her life and loss as a teachable moment, but I also recognize that a part of me is indefensibly broken, and that is hard to confront. I appreciate all of the love from across my many circles of family, friends, and fans … it does more for my mental state than I can express. 


THE 2020: 

I am busy making a ton of plans for 2020, including a bunch more touring, hopefully a continued return to house concerts, a few new festivals, and hopefully more international travel and new music. I also am finally learning about professional photography. I got a beautiful new camera for Christmas and plan to finally take the plunge into pursuing a new craft, and hope to make some prints of my travels available sometime in 2020! I am fortunate enough to see so much of the world, and now I am excited to share in this new life skill with all of you! 

For all you do, for me, for music, for my dream, 

Thank you, love you, 


Words For Yesterday turns 6 Months Old 

It has been 6 months since I released "Words For Yesterday". It has been a whirlwind of craziness and what feels like perpetual motion for me. There have been some memories that will last the rest of my life, some mistakes, and some losses that will never heal. And while I realize there are some ridiculously negative and terrible things going on in the news and world today, I wanted to offer you a break from negativity, and take a minute to show you all some love and gratitude. 

In the past six months: 

- You guys watched my video for "Live Where You Love the Sky" over 1,100 times 

- You all have watched 10,000 minutes of my music videos 

- You all have streamed my music over 43,500 times 

- I received over 15 individual pieces of press coverage for my album, from as far away as Norway! 

- I have played over 100 shows in 6 countries, and 34 US States. 

- I played the California State Fair in a wine garden, I played a rooftop at sunset in Portland, and I played inside of a geodesic dome at a hot spring in Montana. 

- I have posted 22 videos, including 13 cover songs, and various behind the music videos 

Yes, there is a ton to be concerned about, to be angry about, to discuss and debate together, but for this minute, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for this life, thank you for the opportunity to play my songs for you, and thank you for listening.

Goodbye to Sally the Saturn 

Yesterday I said goodbye to Sally. As you probably know, I am not one that puts a lot of stock into putting a personality or feelings into inanimate objects, but Sally was different. Sally the Saturn, was more than a car, she was FAMILY. She made my dream possible, she served as my shelter. She even saved my life more than once. We drove over 285,000 miles together; through 48 states, 5 Canadian Provinces; through whiteout blizzards, and parched desert canyons; through floods, lightning, dust devils, hail, monsoons, and some epic traffic jams. 

Through it all, she never had a single complaint. Not one major repair in 380,000 miles. Her performance went beyond reliability, into the realm of superheroes. I am so grateful for that car, and have had the hardest time letting her go. 

Below are some of my favorite shots of Sally. From the very first day I drove her, Arkansas, Montana, The Woods, our first camping trip, and then a couple parting shots from the dealership where she is living now before finding her new home. 

I am so excited about my new car, who I have dubbed "Mac" the Mazda! He has a lot to live up to, but we are already off to such a great start! Cannot wait for you all to meet him. Thanks for all the love to Sally over the years. 




A 10 Week International Tour 

June 28, 2019

Last week I returned home from my longest and most ambitious tour ever.  Like I usually do, I bit off far more than I should have, but this time it included international travel, and I finally was introduced to a less-than friendly thing called “jet lag”. Here was the tour by the numbers:  

It was both an incredibly grueling and amazing tour.  At one point I was in Dublin, Ireland, and then within 40 hours I was in the Dominican Republic, with a 17 hour drive from New York City to Tampa, Florida, in between. The response to my album was wonderful, across the board. Thank you to everyone that came out to a show, that made connections for me, that gave me a place to stay, that bought an album or piece of merch, or even if you followed along and enjoyed the photos.  I love each and every one of you.  I cannot do this without your support.  


2018 Year End Review ...  

35 US States, 145+ shows, 48,000+ miles driven, 12,000+ miles flown ... 

I know I say it every year, but I love this life. I love getting to see the world, and getting to share my stories and my songs. This year was my first full year in New Mexico, and I learned to really love the location of this vast and gorgeous state. I took a little more time off this year to focus on creating a home and a relationship that has meant so much to me. 

This year I also wrapped up recording on a new record, which will be coming out very soon. Believe me when I tell you, that I am struggling with wanting to release it so badly, but also wanting to make sure that I give it the press and fanfare that I truly believe it deserves. 

2018 took me to a few new places in the country, including my first shows in Montreal, Arkansas, Nebraska, and New Orleans. I saw fireworks over Niagara Falls, rocked a biker bar in Idaho Falls, grew my relationship with Aloft Hotels all over North America, played on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, enjoyed music with friends at Off the Record Music Festival in Atlantic City, played my first Whiskey Jam in Nashville, and enjoyed a blizzard here in Albuquerque. 

2019 is the year that I hold nothing back ... the time to put everything out there is RIGHT NOW. I am aiming to put out THREE new albums. Two acoustic EPs and my much anticipated EP produced by Kit and Chip. On top of all that, I plan on playing shows in all 50 states, as well as adding a slate of European shows. I am also working to change up my live performances with some brand new songs, and some reimagined versions of old tunes, and entirely new covers and mashups. 

I also am looking forward to reconnecting with my house concert people, so if you are interested, send me a message or an email to 

I hope that you all are ready for a big year. I know I am. 

Thank you for always being there, for always supporting what I am up to. 



New Website ... New Music 

June 25, 2018

It is getting close to that time that we live for as musicians ... the promotion and release of a new record!  I am so excited to roll out new branding, content, songs, images, videos, and most importantly A NEW RECORD over the next few months.  There are so many cliche things that I could say as a musician, about how these songs are my best ever, and they are really important, but I think more than all of that, I am happy that this record is everything I hoped to accomplish as an artist.

For those of you that have followed me since the Vintage Blue days, you know how much I love variety in the songs that I create.  My ideal record cuts a wide swath of styles and sounds.  I want the listener to be immersed in a touching ballad, before bopping their head to a pop song, and then throwing up rock horns while safely headbanging to a rock anthem.  All the while, I want the emotions and messages of the lyrics to be clear enough to be understood, while also being balanced with enough ambiguity, that the song can be accessible to anyone.

Thanks to the gents at Alpine Red Studios, we have accomplished all of this, while also making songs that I love.  I spend a lot of time driving around the country, and I have listened to these songs while driving alongside the Mississippi, under starry skies in the Rocky Mountains, and on the beaches of New Jersey and California.  I think you guys are going to love them ... and it is time to start getting the word out!