The Year That Was - 2019

2019 Benny Year In Review 

What a year! 

I am so incredibly stoked about the year that was 2019. I accomplished a ton of not only my musical goals, but also a bunch of life goals, and that is pretty cool. Among a list of other things, I travelled outside of North America for the first time in my life, released a bunch of new music, and officially retired “Sally the Saturn”. I am so stoked for what 2020 has in store, and I once again wanted to take this opportunity to recap my year, and to thank you all for making all of this possible! 



This year I drove a little less than in the past, building in time to enjoy my home in New Mexico, and to travel in Europe, as well as holding still long enough to write and record an official album, and acoustic EP. But that didn’t mean I slowed down too much. I drove over 50,000 miles, and travelled another 15,000 in the air. 



Amanda and I went to Europe to play my music for friends and new fans in England, Germany, France, and Ireland. I played concerts in 33 U.S. States, and I played my very first shows in Nevada and Utah. (If you are keeping track, I still have not played a concert in Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Hawaii, or Alaska … 2020 goals).  I was honored to once again join my friends in Team Tampa Bay Missions, Inc. for my third mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where I jammed with Dominicans in the bateys, and entertained our group during some late night sorting and repacking sessions. 



I released my second EP, “Words For Yesterday” on April 21st. The release included press from around the world, and even found the EP and a couple of the songs from it, on several “Best Of” lists for 2019!  The album featured one official music video for “Live Where You Love The Sky” and several behind the scenes videos with stories about the songs and creation of the record.  I also self-engineered and produced an acoustic album, called the “Rosemont Sessions”.  You can find both on my website! :) 




In 2019 I made music videos a platform of focus for me. I made an official music/lyric video for "Live Where You Love The Sky", and videos for my acoustic releases of "Window To Forever" and "Building a Future". I launched my 50 Songs in 50 States cover song idea this year, and posted THIRTY FIVE new videos to my video channel! In 2019 alone, I gained over 300 new viewers, and you all watched over 400 hours of my content. I will continue to keep videos coming, so please please help me out and follow along! 



I can definitively say that 2019 was the longest, most challenging and rewarding year of my life. I reached some personal accomplishments of going to Europe, buying a new car, and releasing a new album that I believe is the best work I have done. I also experienced one of the most significant losses of my life when I lost my Grandmother this past September. I still struggle with it daily, and have felt like I am watching my life more than being a participant, which is hard to explain. I am doing my best to learn from it, and use her life and loss as a teachable moment, but I also recognize that a part of me is indefensibly broken, and that is hard to confront. I appreciate all of the love from across my many circles of family, friends, and fans … it does more for my mental state than I can express. 


THE 2020: 

I am busy making a ton of plans for 2020, including a bunch more touring, hopefully a continued return to house concerts, a few new festivals, and hopefully more international travel and new music. I also am finally learning about professional photography. I got a beautiful new camera for Christmas and plan to finally take the plunge into pursuing a new craft, and hope to make some prints of my travels available sometime in 2020! I am fortunate enough to see so much of the world, and now I am excited to share in this new life skill with all of you! 

For all you do, for me, for music, for my dream, 

Thank you, love you, 


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