Goodbye to Sally the Saturn

Yesterday I said goodbye to Sally. As you probably know, I am not one that puts a lot of stock into putting a personality or feelings into inanimate objects, but Sally was different. Sally the Saturn, was more than a car, she was FAMILY. She made my dream possible, she served as my shelter. She even saved my life more than once. We drove over 285,000 miles together; through 48 states, 5 Canadian Provinces; through whiteout blizzards, and parched desert canyons; through floods, lightning, dust devils, hail, monsoons, and some epic traffic jams. 

Through it all, she never had a single complaint. Not one major repair in 380,000 miles. Her performance went beyond reliability, into the realm of superheroes. I am so grateful for that car, and have had the hardest time letting her go. 

Below are some of my favorite shots of Sally. From the very first day I drove her, Arkansas, Montana, The Woods, our first camping trip, and then a couple parting shots from the dealership where she is living now before finding her new home. 

I am so excited about my new car, who I have dubbed "Mac" the Mazda! He has a lot to live up to, but we are already off to such a great start! Cannot wait for you all to meet him. Thanks for all the love to Sally over the years. 





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